Excalibur City becomes Family City

We are very happy to welcome you to Family City! After an intense process of change, Excalibur City is rebranding itself as Family City in 2024.

ExcaliburCity is changing into FamilyCity

Anyone who starts out in new directions faces big challenges at the beginning. That's what Excalibur City founder Ronnie Seunig faced about 30 years ago. The native of Austria built the first duty-free shop on the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. That's where our history begins.

Excalibur City developed into a shopping and entertainment centre on the border with Austria and over time turned into a gigantic shopping and entertainment complex.

In order to remain prepared for the future, the Seunig family decided to take a new direction in the Czech and Austrian markets: Excalibur City has always been and will always be a success story. We are constantly trying to develop and after intensive internal discussions we have decided to open a new chapter. Excalibur City will become a Family City, that will respond to the needs and wishes of families with children. Only our successfully established Excalibur FreeShop and E-shop will continue to operate under the same name, says Roger Seunig, CEO of Family City.

His father, founder and businessman Ronnie Seunig, is also convinced of the new direction: the Family City should become the leading destination for trips in southern Moravia and eastern Austria in the coming years. In addition to a change in name and appearance, the theme park will gradually be improved in quality - but the popular fairytale world should always remain with us.

Our expansion plans are progressing rapidly, and Merlin's Farm in particular, with the theme of "adventure" and "sustainability", will occupy a central place in our future plans.

We look forward to welcoming you to Family City!

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