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3500 exhibits from 1880 to the present

Terrra Technica is the largest jukebox and pinball museum. It is therefore dedicated to things that have been used exclusively for entertainment, diversion and the satisfaction of gaming instincts. That's why older generations view them with suspicion. Today, they are relics of a forgotten era, which we are reviving in the Terra Technica Museum. Small technical marvels with mechanical, electrical and electronic innards. More than 3500 exhibits from 1880 to the present day present the complete evolution of automatic music players.

Experience a journey through time through the adventurous world of art

In six sectors, over an area of more than 8,500 square metres, experience a colourful and exciting exhibition full of automata that have shaped cultural developments from 1880 to the present day. With more than 950 jukeboxes, 250 flippers and 500 video games, the Terra Technica Museum is unique in the world. Add to that the collectibles that every child used to dream about and that adults still tell their offspring about today. Examples include the original Batmobile and plenty of life-size superheroes.

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